Interracial Dating And How It Can Affect You

young black man at computer

Some couples will grow apart as they recognize the foreign nature of the other partner is not compatible with their history and beliefs. While years ago interracial relationships where a societal taboo, today the acceptance has risen dramatically. There is much less chance that an interracial couple will be shunned or worse attacked, however, the personal challenges of remaining together with so many cultural differences remains a risk. When entering into an interracial relationship, remember it is easy to fall in love with people of other cultures, but is will most likely present challenges that you have to be ready to confront.
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Online dating study shows racial prejudices can be easily altered

In general, people were very likely to initiate an interaction with someone of their own race. But they were just as likely to respond to a message from a person from another race as their own. And in the week after replying to a person from another race, he found people were more likely to make amorous overtures to someone of another race, Lewis reported Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences . Lewis study wasnt designed to probe the reason for these differences, but he sees a plausible mechanism in the expectations and biases we all carry around with us.
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